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Hello - If it is okay.  I would like to advantage of the free week you mentioned on Facebook.   I'm a 46 year old, divorced a little over a year now, and kind of struggling with trying to get my life back together.  Is this something maybe you guys can help with?


Thanks.    Allen  (not my real name - I'm uncomfortable sharing that info on a public forum)

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Hey Allen - sure.  I'd be honored to help.  Can you tell me a little bit about your situation?  First marriage, any children, is the paper work finalized, how is the relationship with your former wife and kids, etc.


Whatever level of info you feel sharing is cool.


In His service....TimothyPaul

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Good Morning - sorry it took me so long to get back on here.  I had to think about how much I was comfortable sharing.  I guess being that its pretty anonymous it should be ok.


So lets see. I'm 46, was married for 14 years and divorced in mid 2014.  We have one kid, he's 11 now.  This has been really tough on him.  We ended up divorced because somehow we both had affairs.  I'm not sure why that happened, we got along really good.  It juts kind of happened I guess.  I sell cars and I met this woman when she was buying a car and one thing led to another.  I was the one that filed, I'm not sure my ex would have.  Sometimes I think maybe we should have tried to see if we could work it out.


Anyway, I'm kind of worried about my son.  He's very angry and has been lashing out.  I work very long hours and can't see him too much, but I try to when I can.  But his mom is constantly texting me about stuff he is doing.  


On the surface my life is pretty good, but I guess I'm realizing inside I feel really crappy.  I don't know.  Just trying to see if I can figure things out.



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Hey Allen - Great starting information.  Just a quick question.  What's your religious affiliation?    Not that its mission critical but it gives me an understanding of where to start.   Thanks....TP

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